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Vermont Green Products

Quality CBD Products Made in Vermont

Who we are

Founders Jeb Porter, a stonewall builder, and Jeff Scott, a chef, sat together on the chair lift for almost ten years dreaming about creating a business around cannabis.

They’d noticed that smoking wasn’t necessarily the best, or only way for taking it and, although their resources were limited, their dream took a life of it’s own. They began experimenting with extraction methods, creating edible recipes, when available using only local Vermont ingredients.

They offered their creations to ski compatriots and friends, who were always willing to test the treats. There were many standouts, and specials requests, but the chocolates, maple hard candies, and granola stood high above the others. Finally, after years of perfecting the recipes, it was affirmed that their chocolate truffle stood high above the others, when it was awarded first prize in the sweet edible category in the Heady Vermont Growers Cup 2018!!!

Now, they patiently ski, ride the lift, and dream for the laws to change, so they can sell their creations infused with THC. Until that time, we enjoy their wonderful products infused with all of the amazing properties of CBD!

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